Mount Vernon High SchoolClass of 1956 - 63rd Reunion

October 18, 2017
Good Morning Class of 1956,
Time seems to go by so fast and many new things happen daily in our lives.
Just a reminder that we choose to have our future reunions every 3 years; therefore we need to think about late August 2019.
We will keep the same location as 2016… Glenn A. Gallagher Event & Conference Centre.
I also propose that we meet Saturday night only (banquet, informal chat and interaction).
Of course Sunday morning Coffee at: Janet (Bumpus) and George Jacobs’ Home.
Also, this will be the last time I am able to organize the reunion.
We need someone to step forward to continue our tradition of 1956 Reunions.
I need your feedback as soon as possible to relay to the committee so we may start planning.
You can reach me by phone: 740-924-5261 or



Updated 2017/11/16